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By purchasing your WGM machine, you have chosen a robust, high-performance system that you will enjoy using for many years. Electrical components nevertheless generally have a shorter life span than mechanical ones. Specific modifications/improvements can increase the service life of many systems. The WGM service department is specialized in cases like this and offers matching upgrades for the possibility to extend the service life of WGM machinery significantly.

The WGM service department provides modifications that extend beyond normal replacement parts sales. This includes PC upgrades, drive modifications, and similar modifications/improvements.

Thanks to replacement of obsolete components and the addition of new, modern technological developments, existing systems are brought back up to date. Your advantage is modernisation of the machines at low cost, compared to purchasing a corresponding new machine. The solid, basic machine properties remain preserved.

WGM machines are individually tailored to the corresponding needs of the customer. The mechanical and electrical components that are used are continuously developing. With regard to the WGM service department’s LONGLiFE program, further development of the newest serial machines are used for diverse upgrades, and these are adapted to the customer’s own machines.

Electrical components have a shorter service life than the basic mechanical design of WGM machines.

A preventive replacement of obsolete elements ensures the supply of replacement parts and service for the long term. This ranges from upgrades to drives using industrial PCs to the complete replacement of the machine control system.


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