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The 25th WINDOOR FACADE EXPO in Guangzhou


Time: March 4-6, 2019

Exhibition: The 25th Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall Expo

Booth: 2C-46

Address: Guangzhou·Pazhou·Poly World Trade Expo Hall

WINDOOR FACADE EXPO has been engaged in the field of doors, windows and curtain walls for 25 years since 1995. It is the golden season of procurement in construction projects in March every year. It is known as the "professional exhibition with the longest history in the industry". Expo (WindoorExpo). Relying on the geographical advantages of Guangzhou's real estate business clusters and backing to Southeast Asia, we provide professional buyers and purchasing groups of about 65,000 people from more than 85 countries with new products such as aluminum doors, windows, curtain walls and their supporting parts, production and processing equipment, and enable enterprises to The WINDOOR FACADE EXPO site expands the domestic and overseas markets with the highest cost performance; at the same time, diversified activities and innovation award selection are held, covering architects, designers, engineers, general contractors, real estate developers, distributors and other groups, so that high-quality new products stand out and effectively improve Brand awareness. At the WINDOOR FACADE EXPO, we exhibited the insulating glass processing machine, which attracted a large number of customers' onlookers and enthusiastic response.

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