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ZAK Glass Technology Expo 2019


Date: December 12-15, 2019

Booth No.: GD3a

Exhibition location: Pragati Maidan, India

Since 2003,ZAK Glass Technology Expo in India has been successfully held for seventeen consecutive times. The exhibition is mainly based on glass, integrating doors, windows, profiles and hardware accessories. The total area of the glass museum has reached 10000 square meters, with a net area of 5800 square meters It has attracted 235 exhibitors from China, India, Italy, Germany, Iran, Austria, Italy, Finland, Australia, South Korea, Britain and other countries to attend. Domestic and foreign exhibitors bring their latest technologies, machines and products, as well as the collision and friendly exchanges of SV. Among them, 108 Chinese exhibitors, with a net area of 2500 square meters, are domestic representative glass production, processing, equipment, supporting materials and other enterprises, as well as relevant scientific research, design institutions and other units, showing the rapid development of China's glass industry from an all-round and multi angle.

As a leader in the glass industry, Weili exhibited the most advanced machine at the India exhibition, demonstrating the sealing process of insulating glass on site, providing all participants with the opportunity to further understand the processing process of insulating glass. Moreover, Weili's advanced technology and excellent workmanship left a deep impression on customers, making customers place orders in the exhibition.

At the same time, it also provides a lot of opportunities for WEILI to understand the situation of Indian glass market and further exchange and cooperation.

Exhibition pictures in 2019

Machine Specification :

Machine highlights:

One time molding of three glass and two cavity by sealing line After sealing, the effect of four angles is better

Sealing line is the most high-end electrical equipment in China, with the highest price ratio

The sealing line can realize automatic sealing and angle trimming


Customer pictures and WEILI TEAM in exhibition

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