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—— Product Description ——

Insulating glass butyl is a kind of butyl sealant, which belongs to  insulating glass sealant. It is a one component, solvent-free, non fogging, non vulcanization, permanent plastic insulating glass butyl based on polyisobutylene rubber. The hot-melt butyl sealant keeps its plasticity and sealability in a wide temperature range, and its surface is not cracked and hard. It has good adhesion to glass, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, stainless steel and other materials. Because of its extremely low water vapor permeability, it can form an excellent moisture resistance system together with elastic sealant.

Classification:1 butyl 2.butyl rubber strip 3. hot melt

—— Selection Parameters ——


    2.butyl rubber strip:

    3.Hot melt:

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