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CNC Double-head Precision Cutting Saw for Aluminum and PVC Profile

—— Product Description ——

1, The imported digital control system ensures the precise cutting size.

2. The imported ball screw rod drives the machine to move horizontally with precise repeat orientation.

3. You can set a series of data to realize the continuous cutting according to the preset programme.

4. Adopt imported carbide saw blade and cutting feed motion guide rail is imported linear guide rail pair.

5. The blade feed is powered by the hydraulic damping cylinder.

6.Wide cutting range, max length up to 4200mm, three cutting angle 90" /45"

—— Selection Parameters ——

    Power supply 380V 50Hz

    Input power 5.9kW

    Air pressure 0.5 -0.8MPa

    Blade rotational speed 3200r/min

    Saw blade specification  500*4.4*3.3*30*120p

    Cutting length 320~ 4200mm

    Cutting angles 90" 45"

    Cutting Width 130mm

    Cutting Height 300mm

    Outside dimension   5560*1750*1900mm

    Weight 1900kg

—— Detail Image ——
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