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Date: 2019/11/12-2019/11/14

Booth No.: C21

Pavilion name:Indonesia Convention Exhibition(ICE)

Glasstech Asia is the most professional and largest glass exhibition in Southeast Asia. It enjoys the reputation of "Southeast Asia Glass Center" because it can give industry professionals an in-depth understanding of glass manufacturing, processing, products and materials, and create a way for them to enter Southeast Asia. A platform for market development that continues to grow. Glasstech Asia held annual exhibitions in countries in Southeast Asia in turn, attracting 120 exhibitors from 27 countries in the region. A total of thousands of visitors from 35 countries visited the three-day exhibition.

As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is also the only ASEAN country with a population of more than 200 million. It has abundant resources, a superior geographical location, and a huge market and consumer demand. Indonesia's positive attitude towards economic development and potential consumer goods markets provide huge business opportunities for Chinese investors.

Through this exhibition, we learned about the economic and industrial development of Indonesia and neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, as well as some understanding of the city of Jakarta, strengthened the communication and understanding with customers, promoted the progress and determination of the project, and the follow-up company’s business Expansion has accumulated good resources and experience.

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